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From Childhood Entrepreneurship to Founder of a Social Media Marketing Agency

Updated: Apr 16

Hi, I'm Grace, the driving force behind Silver Lining Social Media Agency, nestled in the charming town of Droitwich, Worcestershire. My journey into entrepreneurship kickstarted at the age of 8, when my younger sister and I spent blissful summer days on holiday at Polzeth Beach in Cornwall. Crafting and selling friendship bracelets. Little did I know that this humble beginning would pave the way for a remarkable career across various industries and businesses.

Early Ventures

My entrepreneurial journey began with the sheer joy of creating and selling those friendship bracelets. Through my teens and twenties, I explored different avenues of buying and selling, indulging in various businesses and side hustles. This early exposure cultivated a keen business sense and ignited my passion for seizing opportunities.

Educational Pursuits

I went to Birmingham City University, where I studied Art and Design. Later, I also obtained a degree in Fashion and Textiles. These studies didn't just make me better at design, they also taught me to look at things in a different way and from a brand identity perspective. It influenced how I approach design and marketing myself which helped me in my journey into digital marketing.

A Decade in Digital Marketing

After finishing my studies, I jumped into the world of digital marketing. I spent ten years working with women's e-commerce brands and marketing agencies. These experiences have given me a strong position to read how digital marketing has changed over time and learn about effective strategies and trends. All of this knowledge later helped me start my own agency.

Turning 30 and Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency

When I was getting close to turning 30, I decided to leave working with marketing teams and start my own thing. With ten years of experience, I started Silver Lining Social Media Agency, diving into the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Passions Beyond Business

Beyond the content plans and algorithms of digital marketing, I find joy in long walks with my sausage dog, Pablo. Cornwall holds a special place in my heart, providing the perfect backdrop for quality time with my husband and dog. Exploring coastal paths, paddleboarding and savouring delicious seafood. I also make time for Pilates and indulge in the thrill of a good crime podcast.

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I'm not just a business owner, I'm genuinely enthusiastic about connecting with others. I invite fellow entrepreneurs to reach out, share your business stories and explore how Silver Lining Social Media Marketing Agency can elevate your online presence.

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