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1:1 Social Media Coaching

No one is more invested in the success of your business than you!

Say Goodbye to Paid Advertising and Hello to Organic Growth.
It's time to stop wasting your resources on paid ads, which can make your business dependent on them. Instead, it's time to implement a proven organic strategy to take your business to the next level. As your coach, I'll be with you every step of the way to elevate your social media game.

What's Covered?

Marketing Psychology

The brain is a busy organ, tasked with remembering, problem-solving, and decision-making on a daily basis. To make things easier, it relies on shortcuts. Understanding these shortcuts can be helpful in comprehending, predicting, and utilising your customers' behaviour in your favour.

Content Pillars & Strategy

To make an impact, your content strategy must be well thought out and executed. This involves assessing the best platforms for your needs, identifying your niche and unique identifiers, establishing your content pillars, and planning your goals and actions. By following these steps, your content strategy will be well-rounded and sure to impress the algorithm.

Defining Your Perfect Customer

To ensure that your content is effective, it's important to first understand your ideal follower's profile and their specific needs. Together we will conduct a thorough analysis to gain insight into their mindset, and tailor your content accordingly to achieve the desired results.

Apps & Techniques

Our coaching program is open to everyone, and we will provide comprehensive training on all the apps, techniques, and content styles you need to create compelling content.

Content Creation

I can help you develop your content creation skills. You'll learn how to shoot everything you need from your phone, edit your content effectively, and tailor it to both the algorithm and your target audience.


Is the coaching in person or virtual?

It's up to you to decide the location for your 1:1 session, although I would suggest in person. If you have a shop, studio or workspace, I can come to you. Alternatively, I have training spaces and content creation settings available in Worcestershire and surrounding areas. We can determine the optimal location for your session during our call. We also offer virtual sessions covering the entire course modules and providing full resource library access.

How do I book?

To request a call, please use the button below. During our conversation, we will go over your objectives, customise the coaching to fit your requirements and finalise the date of your 1:1 coaching session.

You have the potential to achieve great things – let's unlock it!

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